Fri, 07/28/2017 - 11:45
A startup is a beginning stage of a company which is more focused towards problem-solving than profit making, It is a stage where the ‘Ideas’ in the brain takes a shape, i.e. Execution of an Idea. Of course, profit making is one of the important objectives, but startups are more focused towards the solutions to a problem

The term IoT stands for Internet of Things. It refers to growing network of physical objects which are connected to the Internet. Although there is an increase in the popularity of the IoT, but a lot of people are still confused with ‘What exactly is IoT?’


CEO: Yevgeny Dibrov

IoT security startup Armis, founded in 2015, offers an agentless security platform that lets enterprises see and control any device or network.

CEO Yevgeny Dibrov told CRN said that Armis' platform will "intimately" know every device, enabling enterprises to connect their devices in a way that doesn't put the company at risk. The platform gives enterprises complete visibility into which devices are in their environment and tracks their behavior – stopping devices from connecting to an inappropriate network or those that exhibit anomalous behavior, regardless of whether those devices are managed by IT or not.

The startup in June announced a new $17 million funding round that the Palo Alto, Calif.-based company hopes will help it build out its channel program around its agentless IoT security platform.